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Don't Eat the Unicorn! Board Game

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A fun spin off from Don't Eat Pete, make your birthday party unforgettable with this fun game for kids! Your package includes 1 high quality full color 16" x 20" poster. Grab your kids' favorite treat to fill the board & let the fun begin!

Directions: Place a treat on each Unicorn image (9 treats total). Have one child who is the first player leave the room while the rest of the group chooses which image on the board is the designated Unicorn for this round. Shhh, be quiet so the player can't hear you choose! The group sits in a circle around the poster. Once the group has chosen a Unicorn for this round, bring the player back into the room. The player joins the circle & starts picking up treats, hoping they don't pick up the treat on the chosen Unicorn. The player gets to keep all the treats they get until they pick up the treat on the designated Unicorn. When the player picks up the treat on the designated Unicorn, the group yells "DON'T EAT THE UNICORN!” (Lots of fun & laughter here!) The turn then goes to another player & continues in the same way. Load the board again with new treats so that every image has a treat, choose another player to leave the room, the group decides on a new Unicorn & play repeats until everyone has a turn. Play as many rounds as you want & watch the kids have a blast!


High Quality Wooden Beads, Stainless Steel Connector


6 inches x 1 inch